Feed Caddy - Feature Packed
Easy Flow Regulation


Simple flow regulation means the Feed Caddy offers easy adjustment and repeatable results every time.

Spped Controlled


Feed Flow is regulated by the speed of the Feed Caddy for even distribution

  • Versatile attachment for all types of small tractors, quad bikes, and all terrain vehicles used on poultry farms.
  • Galvanised steel construction and top quality manufacturing ensures that your Feed Caddy will stand the test of time.
  • The large capacity hopper will improve your efficiency by reducing the number of times you need to refill to get the job.
  • Designed to suit all brands of feed paper with a 1m wide spool.
  • An axle extension kit enables the use of various width paper rolls up to 1.5 metres. Perfect for use with large Tissue Paper Rolls.
  • Comes in three models to suit poultry farms of all sizes.

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