Feed Paper


The Feed Caddy paper design is ideal for starting day old chicks. The paper is a .2mm thick 'patented process' biodegradable paper, which is specially designed, in a green colour to attract new chicks by its contrast with bedding or litter.

The paper also produces a 'ruffling' sound that draws the chick's attention, allowing them to find and return back to feed. Chicks are able to eat all at one time, as soon as they are placed on the paper and by positioning the paper under the nipple drinkers provides chick’s immediate access to both feed and water.

The paper dissolves in approximately 7 days, depending on the thickness of feed. The Feed Caddy takes about 30 minutes (depending on house size) to place the feed and paper. You should place a few rows of paper and feed on the non-brooding ends to migrate the birds to full house use.

The paper rolls can be installed on The Feed Caddy in minutes. The paper is 1m wide, 250m long, and weighs 10kg per roll, coming in plastic wrap protection and sold in skids of 72 rolls.

For more information on the Feed Caddy paper or to make a purchase please contact us.